This is a weekly series of genre descriptions. If you disagree with my descriptions, you’re probably wrong. It’s OK. It happens to the best of us.

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It’s like listening to a hummingbird’s heartbeat on a ghostly shore, with spectral echoes of former waves scampering forward and boiling against wave breakers made of glass wind chimes and unidentifiable bones.

Inspired by: Psymoon Record’s “Kapnobatai” EP ( )


It’s like listening to a crotchety, old, silicon-based life form trying to get his grumpy cyborg dog to stop baying at the TV. Dammit, Rrrkl’plix! There’s no one at the door!

Inspired by: Flux Pavilion’s “Blow the Roof” EP ( )

Power noise:

It’s like listening to a pair of sturdy work boots slamming around the inside of a massive dryer, while a street drummer jams with a construction crew.

Inspired by: Terrorfakt ( ) and AUTHOR & PUNISHER ( )

Tribal house:

It’s like listening to a strangely competent drum circle sending your spirit on a journey through a sonic forest. The drumbeats resonate with your heart’s pulse, connecting you to the forest on a primal level. For good or ill, you get lost in the Samba Grove for a half hour. Or longer.

Inspired by: Lacandon and Venes’ “Purple Sessions 019” ( )


It’s like listening to an army of Highland Scotsmen getting psyched up and ready for war, then deciding to have a party instead. They end up causing the same amount of destruction.

Inspired by: Corvus Corax’ “Fili Neidhardi” ( )