This is a weekly series of genre descriptions. If you disagree with my descriptions, you’re probably wrong. It’s OK. It happens to the best of us.

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It’s like listening to a pack of wild dogs who have been transformed into guitars, losing none of their feral nature or ravenous hunger. The pack thunders through the underbrush, pouncing upon every morsel they hunt down.

Inspired by: Soundgarden – Rusty Cage &  Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Bonus “It’s like listening to”:

It’s like listening to an entire give of 10 foot wasp spirits, furiously screaming a banshee’s song of hatred with their wings. The wasp spirits shatter the wall of the Containment Zone and escape Chicago. ‪#‎shadowrun‬

Inspired by: Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Video) HD

Horrorcore rap:

It’s like listening to a busy, dirty urban street on the edge of sanity. Crows and starlings mix their songs with bass notes from thumping hoopties and jalopies. A nearby stoop full of hoarse-voiced cultists chant about murder, monsters, menthol cigarettes, and social inequality.

Inspired by: Twiztid – We Don’t Die

Hardcore rap:

It’s like listening to the clanking of oars on a massive longship. The coxswain assaults his drum with savage, irregular beats, spurring the ship to ramming speed. Bearing down on a gold-laden merchant ship, the crew’s hungry growls boom out across the water. As the bow batters through its prey, the world shatters.

Inspired by: HQ Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit + Lyrics

French hip hop:

It’s like listening to a proud, battle-scarred spaceship taking a meandering path through the galaxy. Flying sparks crack across the engine room, as the hum and thrum of the reactors resonate through the hull.

Inspired by: Art De Rue Album Complet by Fonky Family

Bonus “It’s like listening to”:
Hyphy hip hop:

It’s like listening to a 12 year old reading the Urban Dictionary while mashing random buttons on a synthesizer.

Inspired by: E-40 & Too $hort – Dump Truck ft. Travis Porter, Young Chu

Zef rap:

It’s like listening to the Lost Boys of Neverland suddenly invading an abandoned train yard, pounding out an echoing beat, and howling in mirthful angst. A crazed crowd races through the steel jungle, following the iron thumping, only to find nothing.

Inspired by: $o$ – Die Antwoord (Full Album) 2010